Location: Southeastern, United States

Friday, May 13, 2005

alba, banksiae, carolina, centifolia, parvifolia, pomponia, mutabillis.

There are two ways to eat the nectar of a honeysuckle: first, to pinch the green remnant of stem, and draw out the stamen through the base of the flower, glistening with a single droplet of sweet. Second, to bite it off at that basal neck, whole handfuls at a time (an exotic invasive, strumpeting itself across the neighbor's shrubs) while the sister waits, foot tapping, for you to finish.

There are two basic kinds of roses, the old rose and the tea rose. Over the juniper bushes at the base of the hill grows a rose - old or new - with vast red blossoms the size of saucers. When fresh and tight, they smell of grape kool-aid. Exploded open, they smell like the meaning of wine. Wine-roses.



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