Location: Southeastern, United States

Thursday, May 19, 2005

cover the light of open months with your aroma

The Lovies are here, two gangly, smelly, tan people from my dormitory, arrived on bicycles, departing on bicycles. brave, in love, nowhere. They make me feel adventurous, quick, loving, even though my last year in that dormitory was cowardly, and closed off, and slow. They remind me that I can be something.

It really is like a visit from fairyland. There is always this fantasy, this dream I have, that down in the basement, up in the attic, over that next hill - always over the next hill - lies some extraordinary world. They are living in it, traveling in it right through the center of my house and onward. They are just two twenty-somethings, tan, dirty, full of muscle and sinew and heart, full of infatuations, foolishnesses, love. That's all.



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