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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Freddie Fish and the Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds.

No, really.

All morning, the kid begged and pleaded to go out (in the rain) to play ping pong at the community center. We tried once, to find the gate locked. "So," the kid said, eyeing the padlock on the gate, his four-year-old face gone sly. "what do we do about this?" He advocated going over or under the fence, or possibly getting his dad's wire-clippers. When I suggested that subversion was not actually part of my job, he decided to stage a sit in instead, planting his little nylon-shorted butt on the edge of the wet muddy boardwalk and refusing to move. Luckily this is one of the distractible ones (the tenacious, capital-letter Kid is still in school) and throwing him over my shoulder and yelling still works.

Next up (still raining) I started teaching him to play hacky sack, partially to keep myself moving in my post-doritos stupor. Something about being in a house with a kid makes me crave junk food, in a serious he's-out-of-the-room-quick-stuff-face sort of way. I'm starting to realize why none of my pants fit last summer. Still, I'm not sure how the parents will feel about the hacky-sack. Next I'll teach him about renaissance faires and scary hemp pants.

The kid is telling me about when he went to see Jeff Gordon at the Coca-Cola 600. I wonder if he'll remember that when he's my age. Kids do remind you that people change, and that's always a useful thing to know.



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