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Monday, June 13, 2005

In which I try to explain blogger politics to my mother.

Charlie's star is rising after the furor over on Daily Kos.


Ad on Kos' sidebar: "Women throwing pies at each other is funny. Ha ha! They're wearing bikinis! And groping!"
Several people who emailed Kos: "Actually, that's kind of offensive."
Kos: "Blow me, hairy-legged women's studies majors!"
The feminist blogosphere: "Well, I guess we know where we stand now. Thanks for your support, you bastard."

This would be so great done with Bendos.

Obviously, both Kos' supporters and Kos' detractors (where the heck does the apostrophe go? Ko!s!!!) are mistaking something a blogger said for the position of the entire democratic party. I'm not going to boost his hits by wandering over there to investigate, to be honest, but apparently it did bring the sexist-bastard wing of the Party crawling out of the woodwork. It is hard when the frat-boy democrats show up. Whatever wave of feminism we're on now, it contains a lot of women ('feminist' or not) who really don't expect sexist behavior, and it's always a shock to see it from people who you always assumed gave a shit about your gender.


The Daily Kos is not my blog-god. If I need lefty blogging from a big name, I hit Atrios, but I do that about twice a year. For things that matter to me, I go to Bitch Ph. D or something on her blogroll. When the question arises "where are all the women bloggers?" the answer is usually, we're all here, standing around, talking to each other. Just like all the men bloggers are standing on the other side of the room, talking to each other. The blogosphere has the intergender dynamics of a middle school dance.

Now, this is a tempest in a teapot, and I mean that in the nicest possible way. Blogs are built for little teapot-sized tempests, and in a year or two I will find this one adorable. Democratic men have acted far more appallingly in the senate, in the mainstream press, and to our faces during everyday life. But the re-alignment of loyalties that resulted from it made me wonder about blog popularity. We all want readers, commentators, attention, otherwise we wouldn't be online. Maybe the people that read me are more forgiving, but all it would really take to make blogrolls is a solid stream of analysis and opinion, combined with a love for making news stories into a coherant ideological narrative. I can do that. I can even be funny. (Yes I can. No, watch me. I'll crack a joke... any second now.) But once that happens, what happens to my dear, incoherant little journal here? (With its coffee-stained wallpaper and long history of Over!Dramatic!Angst!) The inconsistancies of the heart (or maybe just mood) of one no-longer-teenager do not make for a huge readership. But that's really more what I want to write about than the kind of hard-nosed ready-to-brawl commentary Bitch Ph.D is so good at.

I could be famous! Really! I choose not to be!

That's all. I'm going away now. Really.



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