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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

A Long List of Random Things

1) Cold, cold, go away, come again another day, little sally wants to LEAVE THIS FRIGGIN CUL DE SAC one day.

2) Today is the first day that I have genuinely not wanted to do my job. Still, I played basketball and ping pong and small-talked with the other nannies and did not plop the kid in front of his new Winnie the Pooh video. Go me.

3) Am I the only one who catches a really wierd vibe from Disney Princesses? (I tried bringing this up with my siblings, and apparently there's hentai devoted to the topic (DO NOT GOOGLE OH GOD). Also apparently, discussing either feminism or pron with the 16-year-old brother is a bad plan. In my case, because I come from a family of people who can not shut up.)

4) Tipped Bitch PhD a news story today and feel all famous and participatory. I don't strictly agree with her analysis, but she does a better job than I could have. If nothing else, I'm not willing to brawl with commentators on that level. I got one troll once and it still bothers me.


Amaranth: Amaranth is a grain native to the Americas. Pros: It is rich in protein, mild in flavor, and is frankly fun to chew. In a nut-butter thickened porridge (try almond butter, vanilla and maple extracts, maple syrup, cardamom and raisin broth) it is glistening, firm, and easy to cook. Cons: it is impossible to find in bulk, and (for a grain) can get expensive. It is also lighter than water when raw; therefore, one little spill and you're picking amaranth out of the corners of your counters for days.

Malaria Therapy: According to Mental Floss Magazine, they used to infect syphilis patients with malaria on purpose. The malaria fever killed the syphilis, and quinine controlled or cured the malaria. Viennese neurologist Wagner von Jauregg got a Nobel Prize for this; I think it's quite clever.

Children: I have recently realized that I am charmed by small, dark-haired, gregarious children, where I am doomed to have a tall, pale, painfully shy child. I have also been reading scary news articles and considering that when I make my no doubt inevitable foray into single motherhood, I might need to flee the country or else be Margaret-Atwood-ed. Scary times.

In connection with the above, I am developing a child-raising and educational philosophy. It is, as usual (I like to develop philosophies) marred by a total lack of actual experience with child-raising. Nannying doesn't count. Still, I am proceeding from my optimistic postulates: 1) People like to work 2) People (especially children) like to learn. However, 1a) Most work we do right now is soulless 1b) Children are isolated from the world of 'fun' work - cooking, crafting, singing, writing, gardening - by schooling and the 60-hour-work-week lifestyle. In theory, all you'd have to do is 1) become wealthy enough to quit your job 2) live like a proper smelly hippie and 3) you'd have educated children.

Actual parents, feel free to laugh at me now. It's okay. I figure I'll laugh at me too in about eight years.

That ends this particular ramble.

I had a meeting with one of my professors Saturday morning which I'm not even prepared to begin to deal with here.



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