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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

To hell with you, internet, how bout some honesty:

1) Dictators who torture people are bad. Soldiers who torture people are bad. "Bring the troops home now" is childish and totally ignores the complications of the situation. "Support the troops" is starting to wear on me; I support their rights to some damn raises and salary benefits, but I sure as hell don't support Lyndie English, or her commanding officer, or any of the people who use their little bit of power to abuse someone helpless. In fact, I don't support our troops if they kill children or civilians _by accident_. I support our child-saving troops and our food-aid distributing troops. Nothing is black and white, Internet!

2)A prominent lefty blogger drew fire recently when one of his hosted guests, I believe, said 'abortion is horrible'. Well, you know what, my fellow feminists? I don't believe that all forms of abortion are painless for the fetus. I don't believe that the fetus's pain is irrelevant. I don't believe that the fetus is essentially the same person as the mother. And despite that I still believe that if abortions are necessary, then they should be legal. If we live in a world where women can't control their fertility absolutely, then we better be prepared to do some fetus-killing. At the same time, I find the attitude that everyone but the Minivan-driving, married, affluent, (white?) mid-thirties Kindermusik mommy is automatically unfit to have a baby - and should automatically have an abortion, because of age and economic status - to be absolutely morally despicable.

3) It occurred to me today that if I just went ahead and did myself in, I could spare myself the next two years of the Bush presidency, the potential eight years of a Bush successor, the construction of a new Wal-Mart half a mile from my house (and the subsequent dancing in the streets by local suburbanites), and the chance that some infinite energy source will be developed and our society will just keep going like this forever, covering over the surface of the earth until the poor die in our filth and the rich hop a spaceship to go infest the next planet. It is really, really sick of me to be praying for an oil crash.

But I promise I'm joking about the doing myself in. It's a BAD PLAN, dear readers. Don't do it.



Blogger Melissa said...

1) Thank you for that. (Have heard a Bit Too Much of the black and white crowd lately). 2) I've always thought of myself as both pro-life and pro-choice. Abortion is horrible, and if I were ever faced with that situation, I would do absolutely everything in my power to keep the baby anyway. And you are right, from nine weeks of pregnancy onward, the baby has a sense of touch, can feel pain. There are many types of abortion that do not use an anesthetic for the baby. How can a vegan-for-moral reasons really not be pro-life? HOWEVER. I have a very strong sense of "This Is My Personal Morality, and My Personal Morality Should Not Dictate What Others Can and Cannot Do." Thus, pro-choice, and very, very, very understanding when other women make the choice to terminate a pregnancy. A mile in her shoes, a mile in her shoes. 3) Oh man. Sorry about the Wal-Mart. Just had a super Wal-Mart put in down the street from here. Bah.

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