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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Travels with Brooke

(pseudononymous, four years old.)

1) We found the skin of a snake by the side of the road, and a redbird feather, and while she was very sad for the snake (an unfortunate confusion of the words 'shed' and 'shred') she likes the long dried seeds of trees that fal onto the road. The snake skin is hidden in a draw now to keep it from the cat; each individual scale is visible, and the domes of its eyes, and the opening for its mouth.

2) We watched fireflies rising under the bushes, and she wouldn't eat her dinner because she was watching a rabbit out the window, yelling instructions at it the whole time: 'Run, Rabbit! Eat some leaves! Leaves are good! Oh, run away! Go to your rabbit home!' et cetera.

3) She told me a long story about the three little pigs in which the wolves and the pigs were kind of rival families in a Godfather way, and first the wolves were holding the pigs hostage in the basement! But then the police came in and shot all the wolves! Every last one! Even the wolf's baby sister! They were all ::tongue out, flattened pose:: All of them! And then the pigs became police too, and they had guns!

It's so hard not to draw foriegn policy metaphors of some kind from this.

4) She still loves tofu. When she was six months old, we would sit down (her tied to a chair with a kitchen towel, since we didn't own a high chair) and she would go through an entire box of tofu, eating it faster than I could cut it into cubes.



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