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Thursday, June 30, 2005

What does a girl have to do to get a response around here, post nekkid pictures? Good lord, internet. Well, you're not gonna get that, you're gonna get some Thursday Fives: What I am:

reading: 3 books today: Letters to Ms., which is like reading the backlog of a particularly vivid Livejournal community, Joust by Mercedes Lackey, which is entertaining but displays typical Fluff Fantasy continuity issues, and "Newton's Sleep" from U.K. Le Guinn's A Fisherman of the Inland Sea.

watching: Two squirrels mating outside the window. The male keeps trying to assume the squirrel position and falling off; the female keeps batting at him, not in distress but in a "can I please finish my lunch first?" sort of irritation. There was particularly sad squirrel roadkill on the walk to work today; I suppose it's heartening that the circle of life continues.

working on: picking out patterns for a secret blogger present. Also Work Related Spreadsheet because of employer dynamics I will not discuss on the internet.

listening to: Air conditioning, fan.
and last: where are the children I am supposed to be tending to? (under the haystack fast asleep.) Actually, upstairs pretending I don't exist, for reasons associated with Work Related Spreadsheet.



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