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Monday, July 18, 2005

"Clever talk can confound the workings of virtue, just as small impatiences can confound great projects."

- Confucius.

I'm not sure I like this new format, but it was shiny and there on the templates page and I said, I'll take it.

I've given up on taking Spanish classes, cooking, and leaving my cul de sac for any reason, so now I'm down to sewing. Luckily, I get really really excited about sewing. Less luckily, I tend to believe that instructions sheets are included for those other people, the ones who didn't have the benefit of a high school sewing class in which they made two whole pairs of ill-fitting pajama pants. Expert that I am, I started with a Mexican baby shirt (small people use less fabric) and did a beautiful and irrevocable french seam right over the place the sleeve was supposed to go. I suppose I could call it a new approach to swaddling.

I started a second shirt that seems to be going okay, besides a slight and apparently unavoidable underarm bunchiness and a poorly clipped seam. I suspect this particular garment will be inflicted on a close relative who will not notice that the sleeves are different lengths.

Nonetheless, I am bursting with overconfidence and am having to tell myself over and over that I'm definitely not good enough to jump right to pretentious and adorable Norweigan designers.

But but... Norweigan designers!



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