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Friday, July 29, 2005

Cranky Edition! (number 378)

1) Have started watching Firefly on DVD. Is quite good but should probably be regulated by law as it is so fast-paced that watching more than an episode every couple of days makes me all shaky and tweaked-out. Save me from myself, Uncle Sam!

2) I am definitely sick of people adding gender adjectives to job titles. As in: "Kaylee is cool because she's a female engineer!" No, she's just an engineer, you birdbrain, get over yourself. I don't think they really have (HAS UTERUS!!!) written next to her job title.
(and while I'm geeking, what's with them ruining my Inarra/Kaylee subtext? Because no show is complete without space lesbians.)

3) Shaky and tweaked out and also trying to cover the AWFUL SILENCE OH GOD with music and tv and a pointless project all going at full volume in different directions. It occurs to me that maybe I should just put the computer down and back away and try to make my peace with the quiet-and-boring. Maybe.



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