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Friday, July 15, 2005

Disappointing news.

Google says there is no website entitled "I hate John Rosemond". In fact, "I hate John Rosemond" in quotes comes up with _no results_. No hate societies. No anti-rosemond fan clubs.

Perhaps I should start one.

For the record, I agree with his basic premises, as stated thirty years ago. But every so often I read one of his current, right-wing fundie bits of parenting advice, and I am afraid, my friends, that the rage rises in me again.

I'm working out a parenting philosophy of my own, mind, and it should be ready just in time to be torn to shreds by actually trying to deal with offspring five or eight years from now. I would call myself an old-fashioned parent. I sort of feel that the best place for children is 1) doing the business of being a child, which is playing alone and with peers, not being entertained by adults and tv 2) living in the community by the community's standards, and (fellow first-worlders, ready those rotten tomatoes) doing useful work in that community 3)with a herd of other kids of mixed ages, possibly in the form of daycare. I realize that this looks like Rosemond all over, but it's not because I don't hate children, and also I was a rebellious twit and think they should be too.

See? Won't my theories get an ass-whooping when I actually breed? Kindermusik, here we come. It doesn't help that my children probably will be very like me, geek syndrome all the way, with 'personality quirks' that look like the dsm-iv page for sensory integration problems, and occasionally serious introvery tendancies. I've been threatening my parents with the possibility of sperm-bank babies for years now. Maybe I should see if there's any out there that would accept a request for 'cheerful, short extrovert. Not too bright.'

Whee! Babble! The kiddies have Big Neighborhood Sporting Event tomorrow and are wierd, so I'm hiding in the internet.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I met him last week. He's an ass.

4:24 AM  
Anonymous Del said...

I found this site while googling "I hate John Rosemond." His column today, about supervising every word of kids' email or IM's, drove me right over the edge. Does he advise parents to read their children's mail or listen in on their phone conversations too? And the supposed parallel with employers in the workplace...

4:57 AM  
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