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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Dirty laundry?

These last couple of days at home have been very hard, which is a particularly bad thing because my last couple of days at work have been amazing, and maybe I want to tell the internet and posterity about how both the pre-schoolers passed the swim test and went off the diving board and then we played in the creek, not about how my siblings and I, all well past the age at which such behavior is acceptable, are getting into actual fist-and-feet brawls over whether we watch tv with captions or without. Also, my mother hit me on the head with a plate.

One of the hardest things is realizing that people make emotional promises they can't keep. People might, for instance, say that they can be understanding when you're cranky under stress, and then when you're actually cranky under stress call you names and hit you on the head with a plate. No one on this earth has any real obligation, I suppose. I suspect too that people present the person they want to be up until the person that they actually are takes over. For instance, *someone* might want to be so logical and sensible as to be able to handle stressful family interactions while in a state of high anxiety without snapping and hitting the near-adult who desires to yell at you about your close-captioning preference in the middle of your favorite movie, without even having the decency to pause. But that person, anyway, is not that logical and should probably consider cloistering themself during such anxiety. And *someone else* might want to give up hoping they can be Nuestra Senora in all situations and instead announce, hey, cross me with your cranky anxiety, and I will whap you upside the head with a plate.



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