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Friday, August 26, 2005

The District Sure as Hell Sleeps Alone Tonight

1) I know that having to get up at 7 am tomorrow sensibly precludes getting shitfaced at the freshman/sophomore parties tonight, especially since I'm not a freshman/sophomore and don't drink that much. Nonetheless, it is kinda sad being the one person left in dorm.

2) Am having to be careful when talking to guy friends my age lest I interrupt their pursuit of nubile freshmen. Goddammit, where're my nubile freshmen?

3) My poor, broken laptop. As soon as I get a fresh, shiny laptop, which I will treat much better, I will buy Velvet Goldmine on dvd. I swear I got through last year mostly through the extreme nakedness of Velvet Goldmine.

Hey, has anyone seen Y Tu Mama Tambien? Does Gael Garcian Bernal at any point take his clothes off?

that is all.



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