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Sunday, August 14, 2005

I tried to do an instant-survey!

But the form-creator didn't work. SO I made one up! It is super-fun when one has had more claritin than one ought!

You have five minutes to decide what zoo animal you'll be transformed into: Fish are mean to each other and it's too hot here for polar bears, so I'd have to say otters would be your best bet.

Are you going to be a cat lady when you grow up?: Maybe if I was interested in death-by-sneezing. Cats: fluffy. friendly. Forbidden.

Aliens land in your backyard. What do you say to them?: I have not seen "War of the Worlds" but would still prefer cowering under my bed.

Are you the sort of person that enjoys rock-climbing: See above.

Awkwardest moment ever that you'll put on the internet: One day in the third grade, every possible synonym for 'hot dog' became dirty. I did not get the memo in time. This might be why I'm a vegetarian.

Do you secretly want to become a Really Famous Blogger?: Bitter answer: ::looks down:: still a chick! Apparently not, according to some people! Honest answer: I'm enchanted by people liking my ideas, but I'm not willing to become organized, or, in fact, work hard. And I overreact to trolls. ::baits trolls::

Favorite way to get around the n-word while humming hiphop: "cure for cancer, cure for aids, makes a neighbor want to stay on tour for days... da da da... BOMBS OVER BAGHDAD..."

I'll go away now.

Thanks internet.



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