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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Revenge of the $300 dress.

Look how nice you can look, and still be fair trade, if only you (and I) had the good taste to live in England.

The girly phase is not ending, and all I really want is $50 anthropologie tank tops, but dammit I will stick to my morals. Patagonia is okay (leech on my family that I am, I'm willing to pay full price and buy one t-shirt a year) but I really, really want something that could concievably be worn when leaving the house after 7 pm.

It may be fortunate that US fashion is horrid right now, and therefore I don't really want much of anything in normal stores.

That's really about it. I have had 24 hours of peace and quiet, by the way, and it has been glorious.



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