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Monday, October 17, 2005

Como una flor

(can there be too much Os Mutante? Never!)

I can write this entry like I was six years old:

Today I went to campus! And we had pie for lunch and I ate the pie FIRST! And then we sat on the lawn and there were PUPPIES! Lots of puppies! One was named Ginger and sniffed my hand!

Or I could write this entry like I was eighteen years old:

It is really fall now, all light and color and wind. My hands are chapped but my world is big and bright and light. Walking through campus is walking through a river of air and brightness, all red and yellow and brilliant. I love this season. Spring makes me want to take a long nap, but autumn makes me want to be big and bright, to do things, to create things, to be ever more in the world. I have written some stories, for the first time in forever. I love this town. I don't know how I'll ever leave.

I don't know how I would write this entry being twenty, though. That's probably one of those questions.



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