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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Emotional Addenda

1) These parents were not vegan, they were raw foodists. Normal vegans, especially whole-food types, would have been breastfeeding a baby this age, or supplementing with a formula designed to meet a baby's nutritional needs. Reasonable vegans would have fed the older children pasta and nut butters and soy foods and other calorically and nutritionally dense things, along with b-12 supplements. I am not a vegan - in fact, I think raising children you-can't-eat-the-cake-at-the-birthday-party vegan is sort of fascist and wierd - but I used to be, and these people are not vegan, they're crazy. And no they do not have the right to feed their children whatever they want, as the defense is claiming. Starving your children is ethically and legally unacceptable.

2) The campus is full of fuzzy-faced, blond-haired high school ROTC boys today, all of them playing with guns - drill rifles - and marching around. They are very, very young.



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Blogger Melissa said...

ARG! (that is all.)

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