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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Or I could just move to a tropical climate.


Let's face it, the mission is noble but Dov Charney is a narcissistic dickwad and the American Apparel website is full of (Suicide Girls era hipster porn (link is to the controversy, not the nakie pictures). My opinion on porn is neutral when it's not all in my face, but sometimes I want to buy a t-shirt sans objectification, you know what I mean?


Patagonia and the epoch of the $45 t-shirt
Mail order from the UK (oh that'll be fun and cost-effective)
Transfer to somewhere with a better thrift-store (always thrift-store one income bracket up from yourself! I've said it before and I'll say it again!)
Cave in and admit that this stuff looks great on me and lasts forever. I have a Gap tshirt I bought at a Boston thrift store in 2000 that I've been wearing once a week all winter since then. It still looks, if not new, about a season old.

I am a clothes snob; I expect to shop rarely, spend a bit more than I should, and wear things until they are literally falling apart. But my last three Ecosport longsleeves are in their last throes. I have mended up the pinholes where the sleeves are pulling apart at the stitching three or four times. Internet, advise me.



Blogger aneides said...

i love - but again, there's that pesky shipping cost that moves their clothes from spendy-but-worth-it to altogether unaffordable.

incidentally, the quality of clothing at the gap isn't what it used to be - the things you pick up at thrift stores will probably outlast whatever you buy new. if you're going to compromise your principles, follow mickey drexler to j crew. so says my insider connection, anyway.

do you sew? that's another option, although it's tough to find ethically sourced fabric to begin with.

that's all i have to offer - best of luck in your quest.

4:06 PM  
Blogger Alex said...

Wow, thanks, Aneides!
My mother used to work for J. Crew - she was the lady that answered the phone when you called, well, one of them. I have heard Gap is headed downhill also.

I find the apparent massive availibility of fair trade everything in Europe to be 1) probably indicative of our relative priorities with regard to world affairs 2) really unfair.

I wish I sewed that well. Unfortunately, the most complicated thing I can make at the moment is more along the lines of hospital scrubs, and if I weren't vain, unfortunately, I wouldn't need new shirts anyway. The thrift shop does always have a plethora of massive gray sweatshirts.

6:02 PM  
Anonymous mikaella said...

Okay, let's put aside your (debateable) assertion that Dov Charney is a
narcissistic dickwad, and that pictures of non-anorexic, non-professional,
perfectly willing models in their underwear is hipster porn.

Why not instead, before deciding not to shop at American Apparel, consider
(instead of its CEO's own personal issues) the fact that Dov Charney is
genuinely passionate about reforming the garment industry? The Dov Charney is
paying his workers wages unheard of among garment workers, and he was doing it
years ago? That he provides them with health insurance, and free English
classes, and a host of other employee benefits? Is your opinion on his
dickwadness worth jeopardizing not only his employees' livelihoods, but the
very idea that a company can treat its workers well and still succeed in an
industry notorious for worker abuse?

He must be SOME dickwad for his workers to deserve that.

4:38 PM  
Blogger Alex said...

Mikaela, of course those are valid points. He's done great things. But he makes me queasy in my stomach. I don't know how to resolve great things with queasy stomach. I'm not 100% anti-american apparel, and I don't tell people not to shop there (well, just the once). At the same time, all workers deserve everything. No maquila worker in Guatemala wants me to boycott things made in sweatshops. I'm just losing her her job. No garment plant worker wants me to buy _less_ clothing, or used clothing, because I'm depriving someone of employment. At the end of the day, none of this stuff makes logical sense. So you gotta go with your gut. Your gut says, American Apparel is doing good things, overall. Good. Go forth and wear the cute shirts.

8:17 AM  

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